thorough bass

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or thor·ough bass  (thûr′ō-bās′, thûr′ə-, thŭr′-)

[thorough, through and through + bass.]

thorough bass

(Classical Music) Also called: basso continuo or continuo (esp during the baroque period) a bass part underlying a piece of concerted music. It is played on a keyboard instrument, usually supported by a cello, viola da gamba, etc. See also figured bass
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Noun1.thorough bass - a bass part written out in full and accompanied by numbers to indicate the chords to be played
bass part, bass - the lowest part in polyphonic music
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He states in the forward to his book that "musicians must be able to improvise fantasies in every style with rules of harmony and melody, play in all keys, transpose instantly, sight read, master thorough bass, reinforce overall harmony.
The second print appeared between 1731 and 1732 and bore Walsh's own imprint under the title Solos for a German Flute a Hoboy or Violin with a Thorough Bass for the Harpsicord [sic] or Bass Violin Compos'd by Mr.
A proper Acompaniement [sic] is also arranged on a plan so distinct as to enable any Harpsichord player to accompany himself with ease, although unacquainted with the Rules of Thorough Bass.