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That's the way with 'em all: it's as if they thought the world 'ud be new-made because they're to be married.
Their modest old brown cloth binding had long been a quiet warrant of quality in the literature it covered, and now this splendid blossom of the bookmaking art, as it seemed, was fitly employed to convey the sweetness and richness of the loveliest poetry that I thought the world had yet known.
But for the figure of his grandfather, whom he was afraid he would never find in the darkness, he thought the world must be altogether empty.
America has grown, my men, since the days of my youth, to be a country larger than I once had thought the world itself to be.
Stan you were an exceptional man and my dear mother thought the world of you.
Lee, Thomas and Martin (Happy birthday Bronwyn, to the one we thought the world of.
While 15% thought the world would be better off if Christianity were the only religion, an equal number of Catholics thought no religion at all would be best.
Instead of a card we send our love, instead of a gift a prayer to the one we thought the world of and miss beyond compare.
No special day is needed for us to think of you, you were always special and we thought the world of you.
I thought the world would change, people would tear them down or other things would be built there.
He had got Bella from a friend and thought the world of her, although he hadn't had her for very long.