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thou 1

Used to indicate the one being addressed, especially in a literary, liturgical, or devotional context.

[Middle English, from Old English thū, second person nominative sing. personal pron.; see tu- in Indo-European roots.]

thou 2

n. Slang
A thousand, especially of dollars.


pron (subjective)
1. archaic dialect refers to the person addressed: used mainly in familiar address or to a younger person or inferior
2. (usually capital) refers to God when addressed in prayer, etc
[Old English thū; related to Old Saxon thū, Old High German du, Old Norse thū, Latin tū, Doric Greek tu]


n, pl thous or thou
1. (Units) one thousandth of an inch. 1 thou is equal to 0.0254 millimetre
2. (Mathematics) informal short for thousand



pron., sing. nom. thou; poss. thy thine; obj. thee; pron.
1. Archaic (except in some elevated or ecclesiastical prose or as used by the Friends). the second person singular personal pronoun in the nominative case (used to denote the person or thing addressed): Thou shalt not kill.
2. to address as thou.
3. to use thou in discourse.
[before 900; Middle English; Old English thū, c. Old Frisian, Old Saxon, Old Norse thū, Old High German t(h)u, Gothic thu, Old Irish tú, Latin tū, Doric Greek ]



n., pl. thous, (as after a numeral) thou.
Slang. one thousand dollars, pounds, etc.
[1865–70; by shortening]
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Noun1.thou - the cardinal number that is the product of 10 and 100
large integer - an integer equal to or greater than ten
millenary - a sum or aggregate of one thousand (especially one thousand years)
أنْتَ، أنْتِ
tudar del tu a


1 [ðaʊ] PRON (o.f., poet) → tú, vos (archaic)


pers pron (old, to friend, servant etc) → Er/Sie (obs); (to stranger) → Ihr (obs); (Rel) → du; (Brit: dial) → du


[ðaʊ] pron (old) (poet) → tu


(ðau) pronoun
an old word for `you' used only when addressing one person, especially God (usually Thou), as the subject of a verb. Thou, O God .; Thou shalt not kill!
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From 1990 through 2005, a total of 173 cases of rabies were reported in Cerdocyon thous (crab-eating fox), 25 in Callithrix.
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