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1. One that threads.
2. A long, dangling earring that passes through the pierced earlobe by means of a thin chain.
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Noun1.threader - a blunt needle for threading ribbon through loops
hand tool - a tool used with workers' hands
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IN JUNE, the Texas Supreme Court issued a victory for economic liberty by striking down a state licensing law that required eyebrow threaders to complete 750 hours of costly and unnecessary cosmetology training before they could receive the governments permission to charge customers for the harmless act of removing unwanted eyebrow hairs with a loop of cotton thread.
But he said that a year later, when he learned that state inspectors were enforcing cosmetology regulations on threaders, he struggled to find licensed workers.
One truck fully equipped with large inventory, excavator on heavy duty trailer, jetter, underground camera, threaders, benders and cutters, sub pumps, heavy duty jack hammers and much more.
Included in each kit are eight colors of wool yarns, cross-stitch fabric, metal needle and needle threaders, illustrated instructions and pattern and design ideas.