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(Animals) any of various nematodes, esp the pinworm



any of various nematode worms, esp. a pinworm.
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Noun1.threadworm - small threadlike worm infesting human intestines and rectum especially in childrenthreadworm - small threadlike worm infesting human intestines and rectum especially in children
nematode, nematode worm, roundworm - unsegmented worms with elongated rounded body pointed at both ends; mostly free-living but some are parasitic


[ˈθredwɜːm] Nlombriz f intestinal
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If your child is infected, the place to look for threadworms is around the anus or in stools.
AT least 40 per cent of children suffer from threadworms at some time while at school.
Threadworms escape from the anus at night and lay their eggs on the skin.
Thin, white threadworms are the most common of the species to affect children in the UK.
ATHE symptoms you describe are likely to be threadworms.
FORGET sugar and spice and all things nice - real children are made up of all sorts of nasties such as head lice and threadworms.
MY five year old has got worms - threadworms I think - but I'm embarrassed to go into the chemist to discuss it.
ADr Simon Holmes, Chief Medical Director, Doctors Direct, says: A number of simple problems can cause itching in this area, from splits in the lining of the anal canal (called fissures) to skin problems such as eczema, as well as threadworms and piles.
He came home from school with a letter saying there'd been a report of threadworms and we should all check our children's stools for any tell-tale signs.
Make an appointment to see your doctor if you are not sure that your child has a threadworm infestation, or if a child under three months has threadworms.
Threadworms are the most common type of worm infection in the UK, so neither you nor your child should feel embarrassed.