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Of, relating to, or being a color printing or photographic process in which three primary colors are transferred by three different plates or filters to a surface, reproducing all the colors of the subject matter.


of or pertaining to a photomechanical process for making reproductions, usu. by making three printing plates, each corresponding to a primary color, and printing superimposed impressions in three correspondingly colored inks.
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It made me homesick to look around over this proud and gaudy but heartless barrenness and remember that in our house in East Hartford, all unpretending as it was, you couldn't go into a room but you would find an insurance-chromo, or at least a three-color God-Bless-Our-Home over the door; and in the parlor we had nine.
Contract notice: maintenance and repair of fixed three-color light signals located near level crossings (pn 73 and pn 95).
Bierstadt has never been considered one of the important figures in the perfection of three-color photography and printing.
Press-Intelligencer in August, a new Orient Super three-color satellite unit from Printers House Americas LLC was the latest order in a three-generation customer relationship between the publisher's family and members of the Taber family who have sold and installed singlewide press equipment at the paper over the past 40 years.
A new patent-pending technology that produces three-color molded parts from liquid silicone rubber using a single barrel is a new joint development from Toshiba Machine Co.
In view of the fact that printing on boxboard does not usually require an extremely high-quality printed image, it is done mostly using the three-color printing process.
The collaborative work of author, educator, and Civil War authority Craig Symonds and expert cartographer William Clipson, this seventh printing of Gettysburg: A Battlefield Atlas features an informative text enhanced 24 three-color maps and 30 black/white historical photographs.
The new CCD makes it possible to reproduce more natural picture images than a conventional CCD with a three-color filter, Sony said in a press release.
Mark Andy, CL&D Graphics, the FFTA and Harper recently announced that they will install new Mark Andy 830 three-color flexo presses at the school, as well as another in Watertown High School, Watertown, WI.
And Hewlett-Packard introduced the three-color 600 x 300 dpi DeskJet 400L, which is expected to sell for $149.
and her colleagues have designed a three-color, 3-D display that generates what appear to be solid objects rather than creating an optical illusion on a computer screen.
The manner by which these reflect light differ, and this forms the basis of the three-color effect.