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1. A ship having three decks, especially one of a class of sail-powered warships with guns on three decks.
2. Something with three levels or layers, as:
a. A three-story apartment building.
b. A sandwich having three slices of bread.


a. anything having three levels or layers
b. (as modifier): a three-decker sandwich.
2. (Historical Terms) a warship with guns on three decks


1. something having three layers, levels, decks, or tiers.
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Noun1.three-decker - made with three slices of usually toasted breadthree-decker - made with three slices of usually toasted bread
sandwich - two (or more) slices of bread with a filling between them
2.three-decker - any ship having three decks
ship - a vessel that carries passengers or freight
3.three-decker - a warship carrying guns on three decks
combat ship, war vessel, warship - a government ship that is available for waging war


[ˈθriːˈdekəʳ] N
1. (Naut) → barco m de tres cubiertas
2. (Literat) → novela f de tres tomos
3. (Culin) → sándwich m de tres pisos
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Built by a retired admiral in the early years of the nineteenth century, the curving bow windows of the front, now filled with reddish-yellow light, suggested a portly three-decker, sailing seas where those dolphins and narwhals who disport themselves upon the edges of old maps were scattered with an impartial hand.
It was this quality above all others which moved such boys as our hero, who had nothing whatever remarkable about him except excess of boyishness--by which I mean animal life in its fullest measure, good nature and honest impulses, hatred of injustice and meanness, and thoughtlessness enough to sink a three-decker.
He has tossed in his hand squadrons of war-scarred three-deckers, and shredded out in mere sport the bunting of flags hallowed in the traditions of honour and glory.
He took care, however, that they should be allowed to go to the shops they came out expressly to visit; and it did not delay them long, for Fanny could so little bear to excite impatience, or be waited for, that before the gentlemen, as they stood at the door, could do more than begin upon the last naval regulations, or settle the number of three-deckers now in commission, their companions were ready to proceed.
FITCHBURG -- The lone resident of a three-decker on West Street escaped an early morning fire that destroyed almost everything he owns.
The actual writing and publishing of novels changed as the three-decker vanished and cheaper editions appeared while free libraries and increasing literacy widened the market: in 1880, 380 new novels were published; by 1895, there were 1,315.
The meal will be served at lunch on November 18 and includes dishes like Cumberland sausage loaf with Lyth Valley damson cheese, Thornby Moor goats cheese beignet, John Peel Tart and a Westmorland three-decker.
Deep-pockets who'd rather cruise more environmentally may want to opt instead for the world's first "hybrid" luxury yacht, a 75-foot three-decker from Ferretti, an Italian luxury shipyard.
Four Wallasey Ferries are in view, including the three-decker Royal Daffodil Picture: courtesy of JOHN SAVILLE, of Wallasey
The church, with its exotic oriental-looking blue and white interior, decorated arches and extravagant three-decker pulpit, attracts visitors from all over the world.
But one of the delights of the whole three-decker volume is the often unexpected positioning of the small square windows which, usually with splayed reveals formed in the thick stone walls, gently diffuse the changing positions of the sun, gradually altering perceptions of the space.
The late James Beard, while calling the club ``one of the greatest sandwiches of all time'' in his ``American Cooking'' published in 1972, grumbled, ``Nowadays the sandwich is bastardized because it is usually made as a three-decker, which is not authentic, and nowadays practically everyone uses turkey, and there's a vast difference between turkey and chicken where sandwiches are concerned.