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 (stĕr′ē-ŏp′sĭs, stîr′-)
Stereoscopic vision.


(ˌstɛrɪˈɒpsɪs; ˌstɪər-)
(General Physics) stereoscopic vision
[from stereo- + Greek opsis vision]


(ˌstɛr iˈɒp sɪs, ˌstɪər-)

stereoscopic vision; the ability to see in three dimensions.
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Objective: To assess the three-dimensional vision syndrome among the viewers of three-dimensional movies.
a leader in three-dimensional vision navigation, is partnering with Topper Industrial, a manufacturer specializing in industrial carts and other materials handling equipment, to provide vision-guided vehicles (VGVs) and cart-based materials handling solutions.
And it's hoped the results could hold the key to understanding how creatures developed three-dimensional vision, with potential applications for 3D recognition in computers and robotics.
However, three-dimensional vision requires overlap of the visual fields of the two eyes.
MUSCAT: Get set to experience three-dimensional vision for the first time in the Sultanate as City Cinema-Al Shatti Plaza plans to show the Clash of the Titans in 3-D this Thursday.
Cognex Corporation announced 3D-Locate, a library of three-dimensional vision software tools that expands application possibilities in vision-guided robotics, assembly, and inspection.
The robotic technique has a shorter learning curve than traditional laparoscopic methods because of three-dimensional vision, greater degrees of movement, and not having to learn each hand manipulation in reverse, so the concept should become popular if the equipment is made available.
Document, language, and signal processing were discussed in another track of sessions, and the final track explored image processing, computer vision, and graphics, with individual sessions dedicated to graphics, content based image retrieval, image processing, motion and three-dimensional vision, watermarking, biometrics, and remote sensing and image analysis.
Three-dimensional vision is now available for use in factory automation applications, thanks to the introduction of the IVC 3D by SICK (UK) LTD.
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