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Adj.1.three-hundredth - the ordinal number of three hundred in counting orderthree-hundredth - the ordinal number of three hundred in counting order
ordinal - being or denoting a numerical order in a series; "ordinal numbers"; "held an ordinal rank of seventh"
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I got pole position by three-hundredth of a second.
Hartmann says that there might not be enough material in the disk to form a planet the size of Jupiter but there could be enough to form a body the mass of Earth, which is just one three-hundredth as heavy as Jupiter.
And the Maryinsky design came just as the city was furiously preparing for its three-hundredth anniversary celebration, scheduled for the summer of 2003.
Celebrating the three-hundredth anniversary of Racine's death, this volume sets out to give a comprehensive review of the status of Racine at the end of the twentieth century.
Thatcher to curb the already paltry freedoms that Britons (as compared to Americans) receive from their Bill of Rights, and the overall nuttiness of celebrating three-hundredth anniversaries.
Perhaps the apology should come from Stephen Hawking, who was born on the three-hundredth anniversary of Galileo's death and is a great admirer of the Italian astronomer.
If the occasion that gave rise to "Sonambiente" was the three-hundredth anniversary of Berlin's venerable Akademie der Kunste, this month-long "Festival for hearing and seeing" was resolutely oriented to the future of Germany's new/old capital.
In order to better define Verbiest's achievements, thirty scholars from fourteen countries were invited to a symposium held in Louvain on September 12-16, 1988, to celebrate the three-hundredth anniversary of Verbiest's death.
Each Right will entitle holders of company common stock to buy one three-hundredth of a share of company Preferred Stock at an exercise price of U.
The program's third piece, Hail to the Conquering Hero, was choreographed in 1985 by Stowell as a tribute to George Frideric Handel on the three-hundredth anniversary of the composer's birth.
Shocked by his omission from the 400metres line-up, Black admitted that a career lasting 13 years may have been ended in one three-hundredth of a second last weekend.
There was only three-hundredths of a second between them in the second practice but the fired-up Hamilton has won pole at three of the last four races, raising his game on Saturdays, and looks the best bet to go fastest in the key qualifying session.