three-legged race

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three-leg·ged race

 (thrē′lĕg′ĭd, -lĕgd′)
A race in which contestants run in pairs with their near legs tied together.

three-legged race

(Athletics (Track & Field)) a race in which pairs of competitors run with their adjacent legs tied together

three′-leg`ged race′

a race among paired contestants, with each contestant having one leg tied to the adjacent leg of his or her partner.

three-legged race

ncorsa a coppie (con due gambe legate insieme)
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There were boys' races and girls' races, races of young women and old women, of fat men and fat women, sack races and three-legged races, and the contestants strove around the small track through a Bedlam of cheering supporters.
As Pigeon and me run, my shoes are still undone and Pigeon's too small school trousers, which he's wearing although it's Sunday, make his steps shorter like in a three-legged race.
Contests on the final day included final races of various lengths for boys and girls, three-legged race, javelin throw, shot put, long jump, triple jump, disc throw, tug of war, chaati race, martial art presentation/gymnastic show, musical chairs etc.
The three-legged race was the last of five days of challenges by the Look North team which also included tackling a 'Krypton Factor' assault course, Harry and co-presenter Amy Garcia decorating nearly 1,000 doughnuts at the Grand Theatre in Leeds, and Harry and Amy exploring North Yorkshire's caves.
The Duke of Rothesay wore sunglasses as he enjoyed Highland dancing, a three-legged race and the sack race at the Mey Highland Games in John O'Groats.
Running from 6pm until 11pm on July 14, the evening will kick off with reception drinks, after which teams of up to eight will compete for the DU Trophy in such suitably sophisticated competitions as the sack race, the three-legged race, the wheelbarrow race and, of course, the egg and spoon.
The three-legged race was a bit difficult as Mr Gray is a lot taller than me but after a few falls we managed to stay on our feet to complete the mile.
On the track, the Three-Legged Race, Egg and Spoon Sprint, and the Sack Race would all be premier events.
He deals with day-today management of the club and organises various charity events, including a Halloween three-legged race to raise money for Jac Bach, a charity for children in need of life-changing treatment.
There Zach and his friend Drake team up for events, including an egg toss and a three-legged race.
Walking With The Wounded is encouraging schools across the region to be a part of a new Guinness World Record attempt for the largest Three-Legged Race with the most pairs/multiple locations.
The academy also welcomed members of the community to run, walk and even three-legged race the 4km.