three-legged race

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three-leg·ged race

 (thrē′lĕg′ĭd, -lĕgd′)
A race in which contestants run in pairs with their near legs tied together.

three-legged race

(Athletics (Track & Field)) a race in which pairs of competitors run with their adjacent legs tied together

three′-leg`ged race′

a race among paired contestants, with each contestant having one leg tied to the adjacent leg of his or her partner.

three-legged race

ncorsa a coppie (con due gambe legate insieme)
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There were boys' races and girls' races, races of young women and old women, of fat men and fat women, sack races and three-legged races, and the contestants strove around the small track through a Bedlam of cheering supporters.
Pupils from Sylvia Bird School of Dancing put on a spectacular display, youngsters loved the face painting and the rides, and people of all ages lined up to take part in fun events, staged with the help of Coventry, Solihull & Warwickshire Sport - eggand-spoon, sack and three-legged races, and even welly-wanging.
Canadian-born Carney, who took over at the central bank last July, asked his 3,500 staff what they wanted to play this year and rounders, three-legged races and a tug-of-war topped the poll, knocking out cricket.
A BIRMINGHAM is helping its customers go 'back to school' with a sports day featuring space-hoppers, egg and spoon and three-legged races.
It will be a day when kids young and old can play old fashioned games - potato sack races, three-legged races, egg toss, a pie eating and doughnut-eating contest - come on out and join us," Hurley said.
The free Beacon in the Park event included including egg and spoon, sack and three-legged races, a 1950s fancy dress competition and live bands.
Children skipped and ran three-legged races while everyone put the recent Royal Wedding parties to shame by recreating the original street party event.
Some have even asked if they can play old-fashioned games like the egg and spoon race, sack race and three-legged races.
A vegetarian chili dinner, locally crafted beverages, a costume contest and Hoedown Olympics - including sack and three-legged races - will be featured.
CAMPAIGNERS have slammed education chiefs who banned school sack and three-legged races because of health and safety fears.
Adult entertainment includes egg and spoon and three-legged races and a school disco with Bucks Fizz and tributes to Queen and Madness.
Maybe sticking to Hula-Hoops and three-legged races has some perks after all.