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Adj.1.three-membered - of a chemical compound having a ring with three membersthree-membered - of a chemical compound having a ring with three members
membered - having members; normally used in chemistry in combination with a number
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Unprecedented ring-enlargements to four-membered rings by 3+1 -cycloadditions employing isonitriles, carbenes and nitrenes are envisioned, aryne insertions into the three-membered ring leading to indane systems are planned and a general concept for 3+3 -cycloadditions with 1,3-dipoles is presented paving the way to unusual syntheses of heterocycles.
Three-membered heterocyclic rings offer an uncommon combination of reactivity, synthetic flexibility, and atom economy (19).
Organic chemists from many countries look at such topics as fluorinated three-membered ring heterocycles, five-membered nitrogen-containing species, synthesizing fluorinated sugars from fluorine-containing synthons, the synthesis and chemical transformation of six-membered aromatic heterocycles containing perfluoro-alkyl groups, and seven-membered and even larger ring-fluorinated heterocycles.