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1. Relating to, consisting of, or extending to three fourths of the usual full length: a skirt of three-quarter length.
2. Depicting the subject turned slightly from a full frontal view: a three-quarter portrait.


1. being three quarters of something: a three-quarter turn.
2. (Clothing & Fashion) being of three quarters the normal length
(Rugby) rugby
a. any of the four players between the fullback and the halfbacks
b. this position
c. (as modifier): three-quarter play.


1. consisting of or involving three quarters of a whole or of the usual length: a three-quarter sleeve.
2. showing the face or an object as seen from in front and somewhat to the side: a three-quarter view.


[ˌθriːˈkwɔːtəʳ] ADJ three-quarter-length sleevesmangas fpl tres cuartos


[ˌθriːˈkwɔːtəʳ] n (Rugby) → trequarti m inv


(θriː) noun
1. the number or figure 3.
2. the age of 3.
1. 3 in number.
2. aged 3.
having three (of something). a three-page letter.
ˌthree-diˈmensional adjective
(abbreviation 3–D) having three dimensions, ie height, width and depth.
three-ˈquarter adjective
not quite full-length. a three-quarter (-length) coat.
ˈthree-year-old noun
a person or animal that is three years old.
(of a person, animal or thing) that is three years old.
References in classic literature ?
Right wing three-quarter missing, indispensable to-morrow.
The escape was fixed to take place at seven o'clock; there was therefore three-quarters of an hour to wait.
Two years and three-quarters afterwards, Valdivia and Chiloe were again shaken, more violently than on the 20th, and an island in the Chonos Archipelago was permanently elevated more than eight feet.
Samuel Whiskers has run up a bill as long as his tail; he has had an ounce and three-quarters of snuff since October.
Frederick the Great was accustomed to say: "The older one gets the more convinced one becomes that his Majesty King Chance does three-quarters of the business of this miserable universe.