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Adj.1.three-wheel - of or relating to vehicles having three wheels; "a three-wheel bike"
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As for the three-wheel vehicles, Abdel Reheem said that they manufactured about 50 vehicles only to date, adding that demand is low.
Although it is expensive and relatively complex, there are real benefits to the three-wheel longer wheelbase and wider track configuration.
Auto Business News-July 7, 2015--Volkswagen plans to launch foldable, three-wheel electric scooter
Pair vintage black and white photos and drawings with modern color images and then provide a history of both the manufacturers and designers involved in three-wheel production and you have not only a rare history surveying the three-wheeler, but a lively story a wide audience will find attractive-even those not normally interested in transportation history titles.
The Scarborough track - popular with Teesside bike fans - is where they began their three-wheel career together more than 25 years ago.
Segway), the world's leading provider of electric personal transportation, launches its SE-3 Patroller, a three-wheel device for the public safety market, at a base MSRP of $11,999.
ABUSINESSMAN has launched a bid to revive the production of a century-old three-wheel vehicle in the rural countryside of Northumberland.
According to its makers Epic EV, the TORQ Roadster is the world's fastest three-wheel electric vehicle and can generate more G-force in a corner than a Ferrari.
From the TLE808x range of devices, the controller targets the small displacement engines powering motorcycles, scooters and three-wheel vehicles--not to mention the occasional lawn mower, tractor or snowmobile.
announced Thursday its plan to recruit local businesses to road test a small, three-wheel electric vehicle it is jointly developing with a subsidiary of GS Yuasa Corp.
The Reinke Three-Wheel Flex Base is a three-wheeled tower base with hinge mechanism for use on center-pivot and lateral-move irrigation systems.
THESE may be hard times, but most of us would take quite a bit of persuading to drive the less-than-lovely three-wheel ZAP Xebra electric car.