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Noun1.threshold level - the intensity level that is just barely perceptible
intensity, intensity level, strength - the amount of energy transmitted (as by acoustic or electromagnetic radiation); "he adjusted the intensity of the sound"; "they measured the station's signal strength"
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Apart from the RBI and Sebi, we also had to get clearance from the Competition Commission of India as the deal between DSP Merrill and Julius Baer was above a certain threshold level .
The economic threshold level (ETL) for white fly is five adult or pupae per leaf, 8-10 adult or pupae per leaf for Thrips, 10 adult or pupae per leaf in case of mites.
In the wake of increasing evidence that cobalt chloride - which can boost the oxygen in the body like EPO - was in use in Australia, a new threshold level was introduced into the Australian rules of racing which became effective from January 1.
A high threshold level is the main reason for injustice in Turkey.
Pesticides recommended by agriculture officials be applied in case of an armyworm attack and when an attack by white fly and 'Sabz Taila' reaches economic threshold level (ETL).
8% did not pass the threshold level of 50 points, which is almost 3% less than last year (26.
1 in November, remaining above the threshold level for the fourth consecutive month on a non-seasonally adjusted (NSA) basis, reports News Is My Business (Jan.
Fix a threshold level of spectrum that each operator must have for efficiency .
The glasses will only flash alerts on sounds louder than a threshold level, which is defined by the wearer.
6 ppb for ethylbenzene, compared with a human drinking water threshold of 700 ppb; 24 ppb for toluene, compared with a threshold level of 1,000 ppb; and 14 ppb for xylenes, compared with a threshold level of 10,000 ppb.
Gillies had been booked for four mounts at the County Durham circuit, but a breath sample was found to contain alcohol in a concentration above the threshold level for breath samples.
This is the first study to identify a threshold level of serum vitamin D that defines improved therapeutic out- comes with bisphosphonates.

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