throat infection

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Noun1.throat infection - an infection of the oral pharynx and tonsils by streptococcus
pharyngitis, raw throat, sore throat - inflammation of the fauces and pharynx
infection - the pathological state resulting from the invasion of the body by pathogenic microorganisms
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ITALIAN tenor Luciano Pavarotti last night pulled out of a concert in Dublin due to a serious throat infection.
Rod Stewart, who had been expected to appear with wife-to-be Penny Lancaster, was absent after coming down with a throat infection which also forced the cancellation of his weekend concerts at the NEC.
ROCKER Rod Stewart called off a concert last night because of a throat infection.
Singer Paul Weller has had to cancel his forthcoming UK and Irish tour due to a serious throat infection.
Results: According to researchers, the volunteers who took Safflorin clearly benefited in that they experienced an overall reduction of symptoms of rhinovirus infection, as well as reduced incidence of sore throat infection.
But owners Bert Easdon and Philip Martin denied doing anything wrong and said the surgery was simply to treat a throat infection.
Marx believed that Washington had succumbed to a streptococcal throat infection and to the medical mistreatment he received.
Fran is just trying to save his voice after suffering a severe throat infection.
A throat if nfection c A throat infection caused by a type of virus called Coxsackie virus.
Rooney has not recovered from a throat infection and Cleverley has an ankle injury.
As far as throat infection is concerned Dr Khan said the whole body gets ill just because of throat infection which normally occur twice and thrice in a year if proper treatment is not taken.
Matt, who was strugging with a throat infection, let out a nervous laugh and turned bright red - and things got even hotter when she put her arms round his shoulders.