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1. The anterior portion of the neck.
2. Anatomy The portion of the digestive tract that lies between the rear of the mouth and the esophagus and includes the fauces and the pharynx.
3. A narrow passage or part suggestive of the human throat: the throat of a horn.
4. Botany The opening of a tubular corolla or calyx where the tube joins the limb.
tr.v. throat·ed, throat·ing, throats
To pronounce with a harsh or guttural voice.
ram/shove down (someone's) throat Informal
To compel to accept or consider: always ramming his political opinions down my throat.

[Middle English throte, from Old English.]


(ˈθroʊ tɪd)

having a throat of a specified kind (usu. used in combination): a yellow-throated warbler.
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Adj.1.throated - having a throat as specified; "deep-throated"; "white-throated"
combining form - a bound form used only in compounds; "`hemato-' is a combining form in words like `hematology'"
necked - having a neck or having a neck especially as specified (often used in combination)
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Six-inch trees, throated with rotten remnants of thatched roofs through which they had aspired toward the sun, rose about him.
30O Weatherby magnum were long throated about 3/4-inch (called free-boring).
Chambers were throated either in a normal fashion or to handle bullet lengths the customer intended to use.