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1. A person or thing that thrusts.
2. A device that imparts thrust, such as a small rocket engine used to adjust the course or attitude of a spacecraft in flight.


1. a person or thing that thrusts
2. (Astronautics) Also called: vernier rocket a small rocket engine, esp one used to correct the altitude or course of a spacecraft
3. (Nautical Terms) an auxiliary propeller on a ship, capable of acting athwartships


(ˈθrʌs tər)

1. a small rocket attached to a spacecraft and used for producting thrust to control attitude or translational motion.
2. a propeller located in a ship's bow or stern to provide added maneuverability, as when docking.
3. a person or thing that thrusts.
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Noun1.thruster - one who intrudes or pushes himself forward
interloper, intruder, trespasser - someone who intrudes on the privacy or property of another without permission
2.thruster - a small rocket engine that provides the thrust needed to maneuver a spacecraft
rocket engine, rocket - a jet engine containing its own propellant and driven by reaction propulsion


n (= directional rocket)(Fein)steuerrakete f
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By reducing the thruster exchange time, the deep-sea rigs and drillships will spend less time in sheltered waters for thruster maintenance.
The Voyager team got more excited each time with each milestone in the thruster test.
With a thruster diameter of 710mm, it can generate brake torgues of up to 10,000 Nm.
BOATY McBoatface" will be powered by thrusters made by a Teesside engineering firm under a deal bringing more jobs to the area.
The experiment will enable in-space characterization of Hall thruster design modifications that are intended to improve performance relative to the units onboard AEHF.
Experiments run in Barrett's Laboratory of Aviation and the Environment have found ionic thrusters may be a far more efficient source of propulsion than conventional jet engines.
According to Wired UK, the study found that test results indicated that the RF [radio frequency] resonant cavity thruster design, which was unique as an electric propulsion device, was producing a force that was not attributable to any classical electromagnetic phenomenon and, therefore, was potentially demonstrating an interaction with the quantum vacuum virtual plasma, Discovery News reported.
Using Xenon propellant, this thruster technology could readily change a spacecraft velocity over the duration of the thruster lifetime by greater than 10 km/second.
After restoring functions of the part of the thruster pods, a solar-panel of the Dragon deployed properly, the company said.
After several hours of fixes, orbital tests and flight maneuvers, all four thruster pods were deemed operational, according to a report of DPA.
This ABS-Classed vessel with a bollard pull of over 200 tonnes is powered by four engines combined with an azimuth thruster and four tunnel thrusters.
But ZF Marine, the builder of MerCruiser's pod systems, is going it alone--literally--by creating a monopod that can be used in conjunction with a bow thruster to deliver shockingly similar results to the twin-pod joystick system.