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1. An opening made to fit a thumb, as in a bowling ball.
2. Music The hole on a wind instrument that is opened or closed with the thumb.


1. a hole for putting the thumb into, usually for improving grip
2. (Instruments) a hole on a woodwind instrument that is opened and closed by the thumb



a hole into which a thumb can be inserted, as to provide a grip.
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Noun1.thumbhole - the hole in a woodwind that is closed and opened with the thumb
hole - an opening deliberately made in or through something
woodwind, woodwind instrument, wood - any wind instrument other than the brass instruments
2.thumbhole - a finger hole made to fit the thumb (as in a bowling ball)
bowling ball, bowl - a large ball with finger holes used in the sport of bowling
finger hole - a hole for inserting a finger
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It features a bipod stud as well as flush-fit QD sling swivel inserts, a detachable box magazine, an oversized bolt knob, and a thumbhole stock.
Other premium features include a compact thumbhole stock, Guardian anti-dry-fire, Quad-loc riser, oversized finger guards and Mossy Oak Break-Up Country finish.
A: The Boyds website shows several types of stocks for your Glen field Model 25, ranging from the Hunter style through the Varmint Thumbhole and Pro Varmint styles to the Barracuda style.
To round things out, I ordered T/C's Flextech thumbhole stock with matching fore-end in a cool-looking camo pattern.
The rifle has a black polymer thumbhole stock with a slightly rubberized feel.
Thumbhole cuffs and dual pass-through pockets keep hands warm.
Work Hand chart until piece measures 2 1/2 (2 1/2, 2 3/4, 2 3/4)" from thumbhole.
Veyo Mittyz lack a thumbhole, allowing the user to slip the glove onto their hands with ease.
The classic thumbhole looks like a bird's eye and it makes opening the byrd a cinch.
The Defensor[TM] High-Visibility Sleeves are 18" long and come with a thumbhole at the end to prevent sleeves from riding up and exposing the forearm.
I searched all my sources for replacement stocks and all I could come up with were factory replacements and laminated thumbhole stocks from Boyds' and Brownells.
The durable polystyrene surface offers a sanitary working area for mixing liquid or cream foundations, lipsticks and eyeshadows, while the convenient thumbhole provides a comfortable grip, according to Qosmedix.