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An act, instance, or sign of approval.


an act, instance, or gesture of approval or support.


n (inf) (= agreement)Zustimmung f; (= praise)Lobeshymne f (inf)


(θam) noun
1. the short thick finger of the hand, set at a different angle from the other four.
2. the part of a glove or mitten covering this finger.
(often with through) to turn over (the pages of a book) with the thumb or fingers. She was thumbing through the dictionary.
ˈthumb-nail noun
the nail on the thumb.
ˈthumbprint noun
a mark made by pressing the thumb on to a surface, sometimes used as means of identification.
ˌthumbs-ˈup noun
a sign expressing a wish for good luck, success etc. He gave me the thumbs-up.
ˈthumbtack noun
(American) a drawing-pin. She hung the picture on the wall with thumbtacks.
under someone's thumb
controlled or greatly influenced by someone. She is completely under her husband's thumb.
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The Windows/PC shooting game - which features a cartoon-style dog with a gun and jet boots - is being sold via Steam, the go-to app for downloading PC games, but Mr Jarrett had to get the thumbs-up from the gaming world before it was made available.
His cheery thumbs-up had become a feature of social media posts in which he charted his fund-raising and his battle with bowel cancer.
Comments that got an initial fake thumbs-up were 32 percent more likely to get a real one from the next person reading them, and over time ended up with significantly more thumbs-ups than those in the control group; comments with an initial thumbsdown, by contrast, didn't do any worse than the control group.
It is not unusual for people driving down the road when they see us doing our trash pick-up to honk their horn and give us a thumbs-up sign.
Now I'd love to get the thumbs-up from a real Second World War pilot.
Halliwell is picking up a reported pounds 500,000 for her role and has already caused a minor controversy when Walsh said she insisted on giving the thumbs-up to ``cute'' boys even if they couldn't sing.
A assumes a two-point stance with bent knees, a flat back, arms locked out at chest level, and hands in a thumbs-up position on B's chest.
Superficially, Ecce Homo seems an uninflectedly humanist statement; on this basis, both the UK broadsheets and the public at large gave its temporary installation a hearty thumbs-up.