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1. A violent storm of thunder and lightning that is accompanied by snow instead of rain.
2. The snow produced by such a storm.
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Forecasters predict up to 2in could fall in a single hour and nasty twists over the weekend with lethal freezing rain, which freezes on contact with surfaces, and thundersnow expected.
thundersnow, transport chaos and school closures yesterday as forecasters warned there is plenty more snow still to fall.
Massachusetts had an electrifying white Christmas with instances of thundersnow reported on the holiday throughout the Boston metro area Monday.
The model also revealed that turbulence can increase static electricity in a snowstorm to create thundersnow conditions, with no preexisting electric field necessary.
As for the thundersnow yesterday, heavy snow fall came accompanied by cracks of thunder and lightning shortly after 9.
Some areas could even see lightning and thundersnow, the Weather Channel said.
Forecasters said the west of the country also faces the possibility of thundersnow from today - the rare phenomenon of lightning illuminating snow flurries, caused by unstable warm air thermals slicing through cold air.
James Lackenby said: "Thunder and lightning along with the snow is called Thundersnow.
THE River Mersey lit up with forked lighting as a rare thundersnow storm hit the region.
Lightning can happen any time of year, as demonstrated by the thundersnow in Chicago during the near-nationwide blizzard on February 2," said Terry Kelly, CEO of Weather Central.