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adv. Usage Problem
Usage Note: The adverb thusly was created in the 1800s as an alternative for thus in sentences such as Hold it thus or He put it thus. It appears to have been first used by humorists, who may have been imitating the speech of poorly educated people straining to sound stylish. The word has subsequently gained some currency in educated usage, but it has long been deplored by usage commentators as a "nonword." A large majority of the Usage Panel found it unacceptable in 1966, and this sentiment was echoed nearly forty years later in our 2002 survey, in which 86 percent of the Panel disapproved of the sentence His letter to the editor ended thusly: "It is time to stop fooling ourselves."


formal another word (chiefly US) for thus1



1. in the way just indicated; in this way: Managed thus, the business will succeed.
2. in the following manner; so: Thus it came to pass that a child was born.
3. accordingly; consequently.
4. to this extent or degree: thus far.
5. for instance.
[before 900; Middle English, Old English, c. Old Saxon thus, Middle Dutch dus]
usage: See thusly.
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Adv.1.thusly - in the way indicated; "hold the brush so"; "set up the pieces thus"; (`thusly' is a nonstandard variant)
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The decrease in the quota will lead to absorbing the surplus in supplies and thusly push the price to USD 75 pb, said Bodai.
Any sufficiently long word ladder plus all the anagrams of each word might well create a still longer word ladder 'seesawing' thusly.
Because a shooting in the city is and should remain unacceptable, shocking and outrageous, and thusly always worthy of front-page news.
It will spare passengers who travel between southwest China and Sri Lanka the trouble of having to make flight connections in cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore, thusly cutting the travel time from 10 hours to 5.
After collating a team of collectively likeminded, and thusly weird, individuals we got started on writing the script.
3]EyA*EcentsAiEyi EUEOAc EOAaEyA*EOAaEyA[logical not] EOAaEOAcEOAaEyi EyAoEyiEOAaEcentsAi Of One Essence is the Human Race, Thusly has Creation put the Base.
Bookended thusly, the row of panels implies lateral expansion--a kind of opening-out on either end--and deferred resolution.
Bird perception of another kind is highlighted in an intriguing story on Page 9, which posits that some birds get a sense of a busy road's speed limit and time their escapes from oncoming cars thusly.
The Danamon SMS Banking service is equipped with the Favorite Menu feature in which users can save frequently-conducted transactions, thusly eliminating the need to input information such as account number every time the transaction is conducted.
Now, Air China's Beijing-Genevaroute spares passengers the trouble of having to make transfers and thusly tremendously cuts the time they have to spend on the whole journey.
Now, Air China's Beijing-Geneva route spares passengers the trouble of having to make transfers and thusly tremendously cuts the time they have to spend on the whole journey.
The higher flow rates, measured in ml/minute, significantly decrease processing times, thusly greatly improving throughput.