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 (thī-rŏk′sēn′, -sĭn) also thy·rox·in (-rŏk′sĭn)
n. Abbr. T4
An iodine-containing hormone, C15H11I4NO4, produced by the thyroid gland, that increases the rate of cell metabolism and regulates growth. A synthetic form is used in the treatment of thyroid disorders.


(θaɪˈrɒksiːn; -sɪn) or


(Biochemistry) the principal hormone produced by the thyroid gland: it increases the metabolic rate of tissues and also controls growth, as in amphibian metamorphosis. It can be synthesized or extracted from the thyroid glands of animals and used to treat hypothyroidism. Chemical name: tetra-iodothyronine; formula: C15H11I4NO4
[C19: from thyro- + oxy-2 + -ine2]


(θaɪˈrɒk sin, -sɪn)

also thy•rox•in


a hormone of the thyroid gland that regulates the metabolic rate of the body: preparations of it used for treating hypothyroidism.
[1915–20; thyr- + ox- + in (dol) e (orig. thought to be a chemical component)]


A hormone made in the thyroid that is important for growth and mental development.
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Noun1.thyroxine - hormone produced by the thyroid glands to regulate metabolism by controlling the rate of oxidation in cells; "thyroxine is 65% iodine"
thyroid hormone - any of several closely related compounds that are produced by the thyroid gland and are active metabolically


, thyroxin
n. tiroxina, hormona producida por la tiroides que contiene yodo; se obtiene sintéticamente de la tiroides de animales y se usa en el tratamiento de hipotiroidismo.


n tiroxina
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Subclinical hyperthyroidism may also increase the risk of falls by affecting muscle strength and coordination, and thyroxine supplementation was also suggested as impacting fracture risk.
The UK Anti-Doping agency has pushed for the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to add thyroxine to the banned substances list.
It gave me the chance to bring it under control by taking the right level of thyroxine medication - I take one 75mcg tablet daily, which prevented my underactive thyroid causing problems for my baby.
Instead, I was grateful it had been identified, giving me the chance to bring it under control by taking the right level of thyroxine medication - I still take one 75mcg tablet daily - and prevent my underactive thyroid causing problems for my baby.
t is treated by taking a thyroxine It is treated by taking a thyroxine tablet every day.
Also, after measuring plasma levels of thyroxine and triiodothyronine hormones it was determined that the rate of the above hormones, just in the groups receiving the intermediate (180 mg/kg) and maximum (270 mg/kg) doses compared with control and sham groups showed significant decrease (P [less than or equal to] 0.
At the latest hearing, Dr Thomas Akintewe, Consultant Diabetologist, reviewed 662 of Skinner's patients over the past three years and raised concerns that Dr Skinner gave drugs thyroxine and Armour Thyroid to some patients who in his judgement had no clinical need for it.
was adopted as the means for assessing the adequacy of thyroxine replacement.
This may be desirable since thyroxine therapy can have side effects, e.
Thyrotrophin and free thyroxine trimester-specific reference intervals in a mixed ethnic pregnant population in the United Arab Emirates.
This variability suggests that women who have undergone a total thyroidectomy experience a wide range of changes in TSH concentration throughout pregnancy, and argues for frequent monitoring and thyroxine dosage adjustment, according to Dr.

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