tick over

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tick over

vb (intr, adverb)
1. (Automotive Engineering) Also: idle Brit (of an engine) to run at low speed with the throttle control closed and the transmission disengaged
2. to run smoothly without any major changes: keep the firm ticking over until I get back.
(Automotive Engineering)
a. the speed of an engine when it is ticking over
b. (as modifier): tick-over speed.
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Verb1.tick over - run disconnected or idle; "the engine is idling"
تَدور الآلَه بِهُدوء ونُعومَه
běžet hladce/naprázdno
gå i tomgang
csendesen jár
mala, ganga mjúkt
bežať hladko
rölantide çalışmak

w>tick over

(= idle: engine) → im Leerlauf sein; the engine is ticking over nicelyder Motor läuft ganz gut or ruhig
(fig: business etc) → ganz ordentlich laufen; (pej)auf Sparflamme sein (inf); to keep things ticking overdie Sache in Gang halten


(tik) noun
a mark ( ) used to show that something is correct, has been noted etc.
(often with off) to put this mark beside an item or name on a list etc. She ticked everything off on the list.
tick (someone) off, give (someone) a ticking off
to scold someone. The teacher gave me a ticking-off for being late.
tick (someone) off
(American) (slang) to make someone angry. He really ticked me off; It ticks me off when you speak like that.
tick over
to run quietly and smoothly at a gentle pace. The car's engine is ticking over.
ticked off adjective
(American) (slang) angry.
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There was plenty of support on offer as Leicestershire-bound Ateeq Javid 28, Oli Haley 33 and skipper Sam Reddish on 28 not out made sure the scoreboard continued to tick over.
But from the remaining the 17, the scoreboard began to tick over at a far quicker pace as Tony Bristow clipped a patient 64 and Jason Pyott blasted a fiery 74 that included six sixes and five fours.