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The report also records the cost behind each machine, stating that the cost to supply, install and commission each parking ticket machine is [pounds sterling]3,950.
But while this converted Fiat Seicento may be tiny, it boasts many of the same features of its larger counterpart such as a ticket machine and stop button.
The culprit also interfered with the ticket machine help points in order to prevent passengers from reporting that they had lost their money.
My local railway station has a manned ticket office, an automated ticket machine and a permit-to-travel machine.
John Rogers, chairman of Railfuture South Wales, said: "It sounds like an experiment that's worthwhile trying because I must admit I'm a bit nervous myself about using a ticket machine.
Heathrow Express has confirmed that it will work on the glitches with its ticket machine system.
COMMUTERS were refused access to a train station unless they had a ticket - despite the only ticket machine being located on the platform.
Passenger Focus called for ticket machine improvements to give clearer, better information and said staff should be on hand to help people with transactions.
However, many passengers who buy a particular ticket often or use a familiar ticket machine may have less trouble.
The officials are considering drawing up preventive measures and will inform ticket machine manufacturers about the incident.
The Liverpool city region stations that are being upgraded: Earlestown: Wifi and ticket machines Edge Hill: New shelter, ticket machine and improved signage Halewood: Refurbished shelter, ticket machines and improved signage Hough Green: Ticket machines and improved signage Huyton: Wifi and ticket machines Mossley Hill: Ticket machine Prescot: Ticket machine and improved signage Rainhill: Ticket machine Thatto Heath: Ticket machines West Allerton: Ticket machine There will also be improvements at two Warrington stations: Warrington Central: Refurbished shelter, improved accessibility, wifi and ticket machine Sankey for Penketh: New shelter, CCTV, ticket machine and improved signage
The officer covertly monitored the machine and, at around 1pm, spotted Cercel enter the booking hall and approach the ticket machine.