tickler file

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tick′ler file`

a file set up to remind the user at appropriate times of matters that must be attended to.
[1795–1805, Amer.]
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Noun1.tickler file - a file of memoranda or notices that remind of things to be done
data file, file - a set of related records (either written or electronic) kept together
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Attached is a CTPL best practice daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tickler file.
Action files, such as a tickler file, to manage papers on a daily basis (see "Tickler File Hew-To" for more details)
Make a tickler file to reach out to your network to say hello and touch base.
Servicing dates should be kept in a tickler file so appointments can be made in a timely manner.
In addition, the data management software that comes with the machine contains our entire Rolodex file of physicians, so that patients referred to another facility get a legible copy of the name, address, and phone number on a printed label that can be affixed to the lab sheets or tickler file," she said.
Date Place in tickler file Print and file in Write on to-do tickler or move to list or in tasks or calendar phone log or planner or create new tasks 5.
Maintain a simple tickler file, containing important dates--dates for action or follow-up, for instance, or even birthdays or holidays important to your new acquaintances.
Each hospital should have at least one or more individuals who have responsibility to ensure that a log of garnishments received is kept in a tickler file showing due dates for required responses to be filed either with the court and/or the party garnishing the hospital employee's wages.
The tickler file contains papers I need to have reappear on a specific date.