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Tiddy, The Mummers' Play (Oxford, 1923); Sir Edmund Chambers, The English Folk-Play (Oxford, 1933); Neville Denny (ed.
Thank you also to Festival Chairman Sandy Chilcott and Festival Director Travis Tiddy, and everyone involved in making the festival a reality.
Tiddy - an onomatopeic word meaning very small, recorded since 1781, surfaced in 1963 in Liverpool as diddy - thanks to Ken Dodd
Then I was ordered to Burma, Actin' in charge o' Bazar, An' I got me a tiddy live 'eathen Through buyin' supplies off 'er pa.
Enchanted Forest and Secret Garden by Johanna Basford, The Mindfulness Colouring Book by Emma Farrarons, Colour Yourself Calm by Tiddy Rowan and Love You Mum by Christina Rose are popular choices.
turn the a modern fun, more and it's well Shane Ritchie Junior plays holiday rep Rik and Kim Tiddy (The Bill and Hollyoaks) is Ross's new young girlfriend, Mandy, and the list of hit songs includes The Only Way is Up, Everything I Do, I Do it for You, Spice Up Your Life and I'll Always Be There.
Design team: Tracey McGee, project manager, medical planner, designer; Jeff Tiddy, project architect; Joe Pazdan, principal-in-charge (McMillan Pazdan Smith); civil engineering, landscape architecture (SeamonWhiteside); MEPFP engineering (SSR); structural engineering (FCE, Chris Huneycutt)
Ross is trying to keep up with the times and also with Mandy, his new young girlfriend (to be played by Kim Tiddy from The Bill and Hollyoaks), but things get complicated when his teenage daughter, Penny (Stephanie Webber, The Voice) arrives to stay.
In September 1955, after impressing for Cardiff reserves against Arsenal the Gunners boss Tom Whittaker decided to sign him and Mike Tiddy for a combined fee of PS20,000.
Professor Gordon J Tiddy from the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science, University of Manchester, talks about Formulation of Nanomaterials: From Fundamental Principles to Product Opportunities on October 13, before a lecture on geotechnical challenges on the A5 trunk road in North Wales, by Sergio Solera, an associate at engineering specialists Arup Geotechnics, on November 6.
Cruel Alan Vincent, 38, attacked "meowing and screeching" Tiddy and tossed her over a garden hedge after she jumped in with his mail.