tidy away

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w>tidy away

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Get dusting, tidy away that clutter and let's see some seriously stylish homes.
STAFF from one of the North East's best-loved and most famous tea rooms will tidy away their tea-cups next Tuesday to climb the dizzy height's of Grey's Monument and toast the man whose name is best known for tea.
Keep furniture to a minimum and invest in some stylish storage units to tidy away any clutter.
com Tidy away those books and magazines or find a home for all those stray toys wit this set of three wooden storage crates with a vintage stencil print on each side.
It's advisable to tidy away and securely store items from the garden such as ladders, bins, gardening tools or other objects that could be used by intruders to gain entry to your property.
Be sure to tidy away as much clutter as possible, including your toaster, juicer and fruit bowl.
You could also use them as a place to tidy away shoes you only wear occasionally.
It isn't always realistic that sellers and clients have the space to tidy away all of their extra possessions in their own homes, but they also don't want to get rid of their belongings that will be moving with them in a few months' time.
With a b l a c k l e at her trim, the bag fits a 15-inch laptop and has a silver zip fastening and various pockets to tidy away important documents.