tidy away

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w>tidy away

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How hopeless it is to tidy away the past, even for others
We all have his albums stuffed in our glove compartments in our cars and in that pile of CDs on the side in the front room that you never tidy away.
com Tidy away those books and magazines or find a home for all those stray toys wit this set of three wooden storage crates with a vintage stencil print on each side.
It's also advisable to tidy away items such as laptops and jewellery, although you should do this for any type of viewing.
In limited spaces think upwards rather than outwards, with a tall storage utilising limited floor without without compromising on practicality, whilst these handy storage facilities also offer each household member their own space to help tidy away their own items.
You could also use them as a place to tidy away shoes you only wear occasionally.
It isn't always realistic that sellers and clients have the space to tidy away all of their extra possessions in their own homes, but they also don't want to get rid of their belongings that will be moving with them in a few months' time.
Tidy away everyday items to ensure worktops, tables and window sills are clear of day-to-day clutter and ensure every room is as pristine as you would have it for a viewing.
But before ministers can meet, negotiators need to tidy away a whole range of complicated technical issues.