tie rod

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tie rod

1. A metal rod that joins and reinforces parts in a structure.
2. Either of two metal rods or arms used to control the orientation of the front wheels in certain automotive steering systems.

tie rod



(Mechanical Engineering) any rod- or bar-shaped structural member designed to prevent the separation of two parts, as in a vehicle

tie′ rod`

an iron or steel rod serving as a structural tie.
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Noun1.tie rod - either of two rods that link the steering gear to the front wheels
rod - a long thin implement made of metal or wood
steering linkage - mechanism consisting of a system of rods and levers connected to the front wheels of a motor vehicle; the steering gear pushes it left or right which swivels the front wheels, causing the vehicle to turn
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Tenders are invited for Coupling Nut Assembly For Empty Tie Rod As Per Drg.
Tie rod is also connected to steering arm and relay lever spatially via spherical joints [A.
The automaker is recalling the vehicles because the inner tie rod is not likely to be tightened to specification and may eventually separate from the steering gear.
LONDON, May 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Automotive Tie Rod End Industry Report 2015 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the Automotive Tie Rod End industry.
Global and Chinese Steel Tie Rod Industry, 2009-2019 Market Research Report is a professional and in-depth market survey on Global and Chinese Steel Tie Rod industry.
According to Levies force, a bus carrying marriage party were on way to Bela from Uthal when it overturned due it's tie rod broke.
When I replaced the tie rod, the shaking went away temporarily, but it's back worse than ever now.
Key statement: The tire vulcanizer is featured by including a slide back mechanism configured such that the upper metal mold separated and lifted from the lower metal mold installed to be fixed to a base is moved by an operation of a movable carriage so as to reciprocate between a vulcanization position at which the upper metal mold is pressed toward the lower metal mold, and a waiting position at which the green tire can be carried in the lower metal mold and at which the cured tire can be carried out from the lower metal mold, and is featured in that the upper metal mold is attached below, via a squeezing cylinder mechanism, to a beam integrated with a tie rod which is vertically moved by an operation of a lifting/lowering cylinder along a guide hole provided in the movable carriage.
TM 5-5420-203-13 is being changed to add a torque requirement of 25 lb-ft for the two tie rod nuts.
Turf Paradise Turf Paradise Derby 1m1/2f Locally based Tie Rod led throughout under Juan Rivera to win by two and a quarter lengths from the favourite Gregorian Bay.
In addition, each end of each tie rod was held in place using tied contact with the cylinder support and with the stationary platen.
See - the collar that holds the tie rod in place is loose," the man said.