tie tack

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tie tack

A short pin with a decorative head, used to attach a tie to a shirt front by means of a snap or chain.

tie tack





(Clothing & Fashion) US a pin used to fasten a tie to the front of a shirt

tie′ tack`

(or tac`),

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Noun1.tie tack - a pin used to hold the tie in place
pin - a piece of jewelry that is pinned onto the wearer's garment

tie tack

n (Am) → fermacravatta m inv
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Tenders are invited for to provide uniforms and accessories such as short sleeve polos, long sleeve polos, long sleeve shirts with double pockets, short sleeve shirts with double pockets, pants-darks, duty belts, custom badge, set of belt keepers, rain jackets, tie tack, hat carrier, chevrons, see attached file.
I've also bought some of Melania's bracelets, several Trump ties, a tie tack, and a polo shirt that says "Trump International Golf Resort," which I wore to a party and got spit on by a guest.
Tucked in her bouquet was her maternal grandmother's sapphire cross pendant with her maternal grandfather's diamond tie tack mounted at the center.
I was dressed in my black conservative suit, complete with tie tack and cuff links.
help him show he's proud to be Scottish with this Thistle tie tack from Ortak, either pounds 25 in silver or pounds 110 in gold.
One of the more unusual political buttons from the 1950s was actually a tie tack.
Even if the tie tack is a two-carat diamond, it's still tacky, says Leon Hall, spokesman for the New York-based Fashion Association.
You know, the little giveaway items that are so popular with shooters like the S&W tie tack or brassards they can sew on their shooting jacket.