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1. A decorative loop of fabric, cord, or metal for parting and draping a curtain to the side.
2. tiebacks A pair of curtains intended to be tied back.


a. a length of cord, ribbon, or other fabric used for tying a curtain to one side
b. a curtain having such a device



1. a strip of material, heavy braid, or the like, used for holding a curtain back to one side.
2. Often, tiebacks. a curtain having such a device.
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Noun1.tieback - a device (as a decorative loop of cord or fabric) for holding or drawing something back; "the draperies were drawn to the sides by pullbacks"
holding device - a device for holding something
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is moving ahead with key construction milestones and progress on a tieback expansion as its proprietary Gulfstar FPS[TM] (Floating Production System) nears completion in the eastern deepwater Gulf of Mexico.
The Aberdeen, Scotland headquartered group aims to further penetrate the US energy market by showcasing the 36KV Dry Mate connector, along with the group's extensive product offerings, at the Subsea Tieback Forum and Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas, US this month.
Schindler's Gold had a tieback operation, when the larynx was tied back last summer, and it worked very well, but after a couple of runs the sutures slipped so the tieback wasn't working any more and he had a string of pulled-ups.
I feel that a tieback is more than how it is typically perceived in the industry and I like to think of it as jewellery for windows -- more than simply something to hold back a curtain.
Dril-Quip will provide a drilling riser, top tensioned production risers, tensioners, tieback connectors, specialty joints, surface wellheads and production trees to the project.
This strategic location will offer a wide range of geotechnical techniques, including soil nailing, minipiles, tieback anchors, grouting systems and rock protection.
One was multiple concrete-filled caissons either cantilevered into the rock or held by tieback anchors (steel rods or cables grouted into rock).
The visor-style hood has a tieback for unobstructed peripheral vision and an extended breath shield.
Tab-top curtains can be awkward to pull along a pole, so for a different look tie the panel in at the middle and secure with a simple homemade tieback by plaiting lengths of ribbon together.
Each tieback involved drilling a six-inch diameter hole at 30 degrees off horizontal at the mid-height of the slope.
Five years ago the region was a mix of major and independent oil companies executing both oil and gas standalone and subsea tieback projects.