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1. A decorative loop of fabric, cord, or metal for parting and draping a curtain to the side.
2. tiebacks A pair of curtains intended to be tied back.


a. a length of cord, ribbon, or other fabric used for tying a curtain to one side
b. a curtain having such a device



1. a strip of material, heavy braid, or the like, used for holding a curtain back to one side.
2. Often, tiebacks. a curtain having such a device.
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Noun1.tieback - a device (as a decorative loop of cord or fabric) for holding or drawing something back; "the draperies were drawn to the sides by pullbacks"
holding device - a device for holding something
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Sited in Mississippi Canyon 698 and 782, respectively, Big Bend and Dantzler, are subsea tiebacks to the third-party Thunder Hawk production plant.
Services include compaction grouting, chemical grouting, pin pipe installation, anchors & tiebacks, cement grouting, etc.
Gulf has undergone a shift in project development mix from heavy in small, independent-operated subsea tiebacks to one that is grounded in fewer larger subsea tiebacks and high-investment stand alone developments developed by international oil companies.
With his tiebacks and curtain holders gaining favour with interior designers across the region, Liz O'Reilly took the opportunity for a chat with French textile artist Remy Lemoine about window treatments that truly are works of art.
Since introducing those first camera systems for tiebacks, we have listened carefully to what operators want and supply improved visual performance, rugged equipment and ease of use.
The tiebacks could be made of wrought iron or dried flowers glued to cloth.
Both fields are operated by Dominion and employ subsea tiebacks to pre- existing infrastructure owned by Chevron.
Accessorize with tassels, decorative tiebacks and other touches.
54 for a standard two jacquard-woven drapes, two sheer lace curtains, two tiebacks and one valance.
The plan called for tiebacks to be drilled into the rock at an incline of 30 degrees from the horizontal.
When the basement construction was completed, the tiebacks were cut since the newly installed bottom floors provided equal outward support.