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1. An additional contest or period of play designed to establish a winner among tied contestants. Also called tiebreak.
2. Something or someone that breaks a tie: His home run was the tiebreaker that won the game. My mother and I wanted to spend the weekend at the beach, and both of my brothers wanted to go on a hike, so we asked my father to be the tiebreaker.

tie′break′ing adj.


(ˈtaɪˌbreɪ kər)

a short period of additional play for deciding a tie score, as in tennis and soccer.
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Noun1.tiebreaker - overtime play in order to break a tie; e.g. tennis and soccer
extra time, overtime - playing time beyond regulation, to break a tie
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GM Zhu Chen of Qatar won the women's division by tiebreaker over two of her former countrymates from China.
The defeat was hard on Azarenka who won a second-set tiebreaker 8-6 to send the final to a third set.
The Serbian world number one lost the opening set in a tiebreaker but got progressively stronger to dominate the suffering Murray and win 6-7 (2/7), 7-6 (7/3), 6-3, 6-2 in 3hr 40min.
The Redskins currently have the tiebreaker among the three teams, but that could change very quickly.
If a Division Championship tiebreaker game is necessary, the head-to-head record between the tied Clubs will determine home-field advantage.
Olympic team, USA Track & Field announced a tiebreaker procedure that gives the athletes the option of a coin toss or "run-off" and a formula to determine which procedure would be used should the athletes disagree on the tiebreaker.
The second tiebreaker is season series, and Worcester leads it, eight points to seven, with the final game of the season set for Portland.
Look beyond your core product or service and explore how a "big picture" approach can be your ultimate tiebreaker.
Relying on clutch serving and some timely passing shots, Young recorded the final six points to capture the first-set tiebreaker and rode the momentum to win the last five games of the match en route to a 7-6 (4), 6-1 victory over No.
Defending champion Federer was tested until the tiebreaker in the third set.
The runner-up, Karan Takhar, a 14-year-old from East Providence, Rhode Island, put up a formidable challenge and fought Nathan to a sudden-death tiebreaker round.
MARK Philippoussis kept his cool in a tense second-set tiebreaker to beat Gustavo Kuerten 7-6, 7-6, to reach the final of the Paris Tennis Masters Series.