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1. An additional contest or period of play designed to establish a winner among tied contestants. Also called tiebreak.
2. Something or someone that breaks a tie: His home run was the tiebreaker that won the game. My mother and I wanted to spend the weekend at the beach, and both of my brothers wanted to go on a hike, so we asked my father to be the tiebreaker.

tie′break′ing adj.


(ˈtaɪˌbreɪ kər)

a short period of additional play for deciding a tie score, as in tennis and soccer.
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Noun1.tiebreaker - overtime play in order to break a tie; e.g. tennis and soccer
extra time, overtime - playing time beyond regulation, to break a tie
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Games are best of three sets played to 21 in the first two and 15 in the tiebreaking third set.
In men's curling, Korea was beaten 8-9 by Denmark after taking the game to a tiebreaking extra end.
MIAMI Maria Hezoniascored 20 points, Jonathan Simmons made the tiebreaking dunk with 1:31 remaining, and the Orlando Magic beat the Heat,111-109, on Monday night.
McCollum scored 25 of his 32 points after halftime, including the tiebreaking basket with 56.
Syria occupy the third place thanks to their tiebreaking edge in goal difference.
Senate, at least 50 of which need to support the bill in order for it to pass, assuming Vice President Mike Pence casts the tiebreaking vote in their favor.
CHICAGO: Chicago's Patrick Kane scored a spectacular tiebreaking goal in the second period and the Blackhawks beat Montreal 3-2 on Sunday, handing the NHL-leading Canadiens just their second regulation loss of the season.
Bautista, who infuriated Texas players with a provocative bat flip after his tiebreaking homer in the ALDS clincher last October, and who got punched in revenge the last time the Blue Jays played in Texas in May, drove in four runs.
Wilson scored the tiebreaking run on a throwing error, and Peguero added an insurance run with an RBI single.
However, the Mavericks emerged victorious, scoring 25-24 against the Aces that ended in a final tiebreaking duel that saw Milos Raonic outperform Raphael Nadal for the very last point.
He said he hoped to co-author a bill that would change the chance-based elections tiebreaking law.
Rusney Castillo made a sliding catch in the 10th inning and threw out the potential tiebreaking run at the plate, then singled and scored in the bottom half to lead the Boston Red Sox to a 3-2 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays on Sunday