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A secondary or intermediate rib in a rib vault that rises from one of the main springers and connects to a point on the ridge rib.

[French, from tierce, tierce; see tierce.]


(Architecture) architect (in Gothic architecture) a type of supporting rib on a vault
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For example, he addresses the complex racial makeup of various Creoles and their astonishingly precise social labels: "mulatto (black and white), griffe (black and mulatto), sacrato (black and griffe), marabon (mulatto and griffe), os rouge (black and Indian), quadroom (white and mulatto), tierceron (mulatto and quadroon), and octoroon (white and quadroon)" (p.
For several years he trained in Milan and his most notable winners were his father's horses Tierceron, who won the Gran Premio d'Italia and Gran P remio del Jockey Club in 1972, Tratteggio and Mannsfeld.
Marchese Enrico Incisa 67 Trainer of Tratteggio & Tierceron