tiger cub

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Noun1.tiger cub - a young tigertiger cub - a young tiger        
young carnivore, cub - the young of certain carnivorous mammals such as the bear or wolf or lion
Panthera tigris, tiger - large feline of forests in most of Asia having a tawny coat with black stripes; endangered
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To this day she declares that I told her one moving anecdote as to how a musket looked into my tent at the dead of night, and how I fired a double-barrelled tiger cub at it.
He went about the deck like a tiger cub, glaring his hatred openly at Wolf Larsen and Johansen.
You may remember the old Persian saying, 'There is danger for him who taketh the tiger cub, and danger also for whoso snatches a delusion from a woman.
A TEENAGER from California has been sentenced to six months in prison for smuggling in a Bengal tiger cub from Mexico.
The Flamingo Land Resort in North Yorkshire announced the arrival of the Sumatran tiger cub in August - and the cub has now started walking.
Caption: CUB AT CURB--A tiger cub was found wandering in the streets of Mashhad last week.
Thai wildlife authorities found 40 tiger cub carcasses in a freezer in Thailand's infamous Tiger Temple on Wednesday as they removed live animals in response to international pressure over suspected trafficking and abuse.
Do you think lives were endangered when the tiger cub roamed the streets today?
THIS tiny rare Siberian tiger cub knows what's best fur it as it lies down on its doting mum.
AN eight- month- old male tiger cub was found dead on the property of Congress leader and Madhya Pradesh Deputy Assembly Speaker Rajendra Singh adjoining the world famous Bandhavgarh National Park in Umaria district on Sunday.
THE new tiger cub triplets at Chester Zoo are in 'purr-fect' condition and keepers now know the sex of all three.
Each page has a large photograph showing an aspect of tiger cub development or behaviour exploring their world through pouncing, boxing, play-fighting and splashing in water and it would be easy for children to relate the tiger behaviour to that of more familiar domestic animals.