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Adj.1.tiger-striped - having stripes resembling those of a tiger
patterned - having patterns (especially colorful patterns)
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Many of the colourful dresses on show were made by Excelsior's GSCE and A Level textile students, while Rainbird youngsters created their own African jungle costumes to match their tiger-striped painted faces.
The groom's cake was a two-tiered tiger-striped cake that featured the Louisiana State University fleur-de-lis logo.
One attacker wore a tiger-striped onesie while the other was in a white onesie with a large pink circle on the chest.
Mark's Place, Korilla BBQ's first storefront location will greet the city with a tiger-striped Sky High Mural by Colossal Media that spans across the entire front facade of the building.
To complete the look, the UAE Strong Man Team decked in tiger-striped costumes, pulled the truck through the crowds, leaving the judges bowled over and awarding Bel Helli the top prize of Dh25,000 -- despite the cost of his efforts reaching Dh30,000.
Later observations showed that the tiger-striped region of Enceladus was much warmer than expected, and showed that jets within the stripes were venting plumes of gases and solids: methane, carbon dioxide and methane -- but more importantly, water vapor and ice.
For his performance that night, Brown wore a hooded, tiger-striped dinner jacket.
For example, the tiger is paired with the domesticated tiger-striped cat.
Outside, right photo, guests relished fare provided by Korilla's BBQ tiger-striped food truck, famous for its appearance on the Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race.
Want to stretch a set of tiger-striped or leopard-spotted claws?
The tiger-striped Tigerella looks as good as it tastes - which is not always the case with "gimmicky" varieties - but do try some Ailsa Craig, the old standby Moneymaker, and my favourite, the glorious orange Sungold.
She is also said to have got a gift from radio station Key 103, and she chose a tiger-striped bloom which will be named the "Lily Allen" and go on sale next year.