tight ship

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a. A vessel of considerable size for deep-water navigation.
b. A sailing vessel having three or more square-rigged masts.
2. An aircraft or spacecraft.
3. The crew of one of these vessels.
4. One's fortune: When my ship comes in, I'll move to a larger house.
v. shipped, ship·ping, ships
1. To place or receive on board a ship: shipped the cargo in the hold.
2. To cause to be transported; send. See Synonyms at send1.
3. To place (a ship's mast or rudder, for example) in its working position.
a. To bring into a ship or boat: ship an anchor.
b. To place (an oar) in a resting position inside a boat without removing it from the oarlock.
5. To hire (a person) for work on a ship.
6. To take in (water) over the side of a ship.
1. To go aboard a ship; embark.
2. To be sent as a delivery: The books that we ordered shipped from warehouse yesterday.
3. To travel by ship.
4. To hire oneself out or enlist for service on a ship.
Phrasal Verb:
ship out
1. To accept a position on board a ship and serve as a crew member: shipped out on a tanker.
2. To leave, as for a distant place: troops shipping out to the war zone.
3. To send, as to a distant place.
4. Informal To quit, resign from, or otherwise vacate a position: Shape up or ship out.
tight ship
A well-managed and efficient business, household, or organization: We run a tight ship.

[Middle English, from Old English scip.]

ship′pa·ble adj.

tight ship

- Literally one in which ropes and rigging are tied and taut.
See also related terms for rigging.
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So it is annoying to hear Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy ran a very tight ship on the lines of the Tony Blair model.
the city to another she runs a tight ship returning as late as
But for now Dyche is hampered as his club are run as a tight ship.
By all accounts, new manager Eamonn Kelly (below) runs a tight ship and has impressed the players with the level of professionalism he has brought to the se up.
Burnley have been running a tight ship in defence and Skybet offer 15/8 that the home team win without conceding.
Meanwhile on The Ark, the grown-ups are running a scarily tight ship.
The former Ajax, AZ Alkmaar and Bayern Munich manager, known for running a tight ship, has no desire to return to Germany to manage either.
He ran a tight ship but also looked after us and tried to help in any way.
Group chief executive David Mobbs said: "Edward has the great ability to engage and inspire, while running a tight ship with good business practices.
Runs a tight ship and with JP, West Bromwich Albion under his guidance will go from strength to strength.
Micro-startups and industry giants alike can benefit from running a tight ship.
But Valencia have to keep a tight ship financially and would likely listen to offers of around PS13m.