tightly knit

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Adj.1.tightly knit - closely and firmly integrated; "a tight-knit organization"
integrated - formed into a whole or introduced into another entity; "a more closely integrated economic and political system"- Dwight D.Eisenhower; "an integrated Europe"
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A long-studied subatomic particle called Lambda (1405) is actually a molecule of two tightly knit particles, researchers report in the April 3 Physical Review Letters.
The new Upper Canada Health Link will offer seniors and patients with complex conditions better care through personalized care plans and more co-ordinated support from a tightly knit team of providers.
And he added that it had meant previously tightly knit units lost their identity as they recruited from larger geographical areas.
He finds it very difficult to move back into his tightly knit Scots fishing village community.
TIGHTLY KNIT Crowds on O'Connell Street, Dublin for yesterday's Christmas jumper record
It was unclear as to which point during the race that Maryam got hurt, but it could have been during an incident towards the end when, after some pushing and shoving in the middle of a tightly knit field, Morgan Uceny of the US and Hellen Obori of Kenya crashed to the track.
Calabrese Aquiles F1 - this variety will give a tasty crop of tightly knit, solid heads tender and delicious under cooking.
THE tightly knit team at David Simcock's Trillium Place stables in Newmarket were in mourning yesterday following the death of 29-year-old groom Jim Clare.
Another key benefit is MarineLine X's inherent chemical resistance, as the coating is formulated with patented high performance polymers that crosslink together to form a hard, tightly knit structure.
Now, 43 years on, three members of the once tightly knit group are planning a grand reunion, providing a chance for the original students to meet and catch up on the twists and turns their lives have taken them in.
Superorganisms are colonies of individuals knit by cooperation and complex communication: they work in tightly knit colonies held together by cooperation and are the nonhuman equivalent of a society.
This tightly knit, extremely flexible route can be tailored to your schedule- it requires only 15 hours per week to run.