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also tym·bal  (tĭm′bəl)
A kettledrum.

[French timbale, from Old French, alteration (influenced by cymbale, cymbals) of tamballe, alteration (influenced by tambour, drum) of Old Spanish atabal, small drum, from Arabic aṭ-ṭabl, the drum : al-, the + ṭabl, drum; see tabla.]


(ˈtɪmbəl) or


(Instruments) music a type of kettledrum
[C17: from French timbale, from Old French tamballe, (associated also with cymbale cymbal), from Old Spanish atabal, from Arabic at-tabl the drum]


(ˈtɪm bəl)

2. Also, tymbal. a vibrating membrane in certain insects, as the cicada.
[1670–80; < French, Middle French timbale, alter. (by association with cymbale cymbal) of tamballe, itself alter. (by association with tambour drum, tambour) of Sp atabal < Arabic al ṭabl]
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Indeed, the sailors assured me that often at night the playing of timbals could be heard upon it.
van Dijk AIJM, Beck HE, Crosbie RS, de Jeu RAM, Liu YY, Podger GM, Timbal B, Viney NR (2013) The Millennium Drought in southeast Australia (2001-2009): Natural and human causes and implications for water resources, ecosystems, economy, and society.
Teng J, Chiew F, Timbal B, Vaze J, Wang Y, Wang B, et al.
With world premieres, shorts, and experimental cinema from all over the world, we wanted a forward-thinking solution that could support every professional format, our Festival artistic direction, and our operations team," said Mario Timbal, chief operating officer, Festival del film Locarno.
The element sketch study will focus on the upgrading and extension of the clerkship and half board at the College Louis Timbal Chateauponsac.
The women, wearing their traditional ulap timbal clothes, perform the ngerangkau dance seven times around the telangkotn and the selimat, carrying eight large square baskets containing food offerings.
Dominant frequency of a call is determined by resonant frequency of the timbal and abdominal air cavity (Pringle, 1954; Bennet-Clark and Young, 1992; Young and Bennet-Clark, 1995), so the similar size of these taxa would produce sounds of a similar dominant frequency (Daniel et al.
The Bureau's Dr Bertrand Timbal said rainfall in southeast Australia has decreased over the past 13 years because the subtropical ridge--a band of high-pressure systems over the south of the continent--has become bigger, stronger and more frequent.
While no medical report was immediately released, Judge Roberto Timbal told the online news outlet Ob-serva that Eliana died of a heart attack.
Their arrests were ordered by Judge Roberto Timbal, who is investigating the abductions and killings of two former lawmakers and two leftist rebels in May 1976 that shocked Uruguay when it was in the early throes of the long military dictatorship.
I selected three of Concord's first SACD releases, two of which have been In my collection as LPs since their original release: Stan Getz: Pure Getz (Concord SACD-10006), Tania Maria: Come With Me (Concord SACD-10002) and Tito Puente: Goza Mi Timbal (Concord SACD-10004).
The other chum pronounced his red cabbage timbal (pounds 5) an absolute winner.