time of arrival

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Noun1.time of arrival - the time at which a public conveyance is scheduled to arrive at a given destinationtime of arrival - the time at which a public conveyance is scheduled to arrive at a given destination
point in time, point - an instant of time; "at that point I had to leave"
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Earlier this month, the retailer launched a service allowing shoppers to track the vans carrying their deliveries and receive an estimated time of arrival if they called a customer service line.
The pilots were apparently unaware of the plane's position until a flight attendant asked about their time of arrival five minutes before their scheduled landing.
He gives novices the basic principles and applications of positioning, including signal parameters, basics of location, and navigation systems and then covers the spread spectrum (including acquisition, tracking, measurement of elapsed time and propagation time resolution), time transfer (including calibration constants, range uncertainty and ranging procedure in a wireless network), multicarrier phase management (including estimation of distance), received signal strength (including location methods), time of arrival and time difference of arrival, angle of arrival (including triangulation and antenna arrays), cellular networks (including location technologies, pattern recognition and systems based on handsets or networks), short-range wireless networks and RFID, and ultra-wideband.
Perhaps a determination at the time of arrival should be made to see if the call was totally unnecessary and a bill should be charged to the caller.
All patients had been nauseated at the emergency site, and nausea levels were similar between groups, but at the time of arrival in the hospital, nausea scores were significantly different between the acupressure and sham groups.
Call the boss to explain the sitch, and give her an estimated time of arrival.
The ground system also assigned a Required Time of Arrival (RTA) for the runway threshold.
For those campers arriving by plane, send one staff member to the airport with a great flight report with a list of the campers arriving, sorted by day and time of arrival, providing all of the relevant details such as flight number, airline, terminal, etc.
This alerts the airmen at the APOE giving them greater visibility as well as the estimated time of arrival.
The problem is the accurate determination of the time of transmission and the time of arrival.
Now he's not venturing another estimated time of arrival.
In the July 26 NATURE, he and his MIT colleagues Vittorio Giovannetti and Lorenzo Maccone described quantum schemes for measuring the time of arrival of radio-frequency bursts from satellites more precisely than can be done today.