time of departure

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Noun1.time of departure - the time at which a public conveyance is scheduled to depart from a given point of origin
point in time, point - an instant of time; "at that point I had to leave"
checkout time, checkout - the latest time for vacating a hotel room; "the checkout here is 12 noon"
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But the nearer the time of departure came, the bitterer was the sacrifice he was making to what he thought his duty.
The stately Aline continued to sit on the cushion and discuss china dogs until the time of departure.
In proportion as Lady Lowborough finds she has nothing to fear from me, and as the time of departure draws nigh, the more audacious and insolent she becomes.
Those meant to be travelling on TOM145 Sanford to Manchester with a scheduled time of departure 17:25 (local time) yesterday are now estimated time to depart at 17:25 today.
Those travelling on TOM145 Sanford to Manchester with a scheduled time of departure 17:25 (local time) on Friday 7th October are now estimated time to depart at 17:25 on Saturday 8th October.
The Saudi Airlines Station, at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah on last Tuesday and Wednesday, recorded a rate of full discipline with %100 regarding time of departure flights.
All tickets or e-tickets are collected at time of departure.
Weather at the time of departure included wind from 360 degrees at 13 gusting to 23 knots, visibility of 10 miles, a broken ceiling broken at 800 feet agl, overcast clouds at 1200 feet agl and temperature of three degrees C.
In connection with the new trains the time of departure of Gyumri-Yerevan and Yerevan- Yeraskh trains also changed.
Any impression of he being penalized consequent to the posting / transfer is therefore totally false since he was playing a critical role in the operations of OGRA, at the time of departure.
At the time of departure, the trio was due to miss just the opening match against Belgium, but the refusal of visas ended their chance of being part of the short trip, The Express Tribune reports.
CONTINUING its commitment to further enhance customer experience and ensuring on-time departures at Terminal 3 Dubai Airport, Emirates will be closing its check-in counters 60 minutes prior to a flight's scheduled time of departure.