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Variant of timed-release.
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Adj.1.time-release - of or relating to a preparation that gradually releases an active substance (especially a drug) over a period of time


adj (Pharm) → mit Depotwirkung; time-release drugDepotpräparat nt
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com)-- Zum XR, a Denver-based energy drink manufacturer and developer of patented time-release delivery systems, is the recipient of the Whole Foods Market's Local Producer Loan Program, a prestigious award to help small, independent companies grow their businesses.
The newly released flagship systemic enzyme blend, Fibrenza, from HCP Formulas, Tempe, AZ, utilizes advanced technology in a time-release capsule that offers the benefits of enteric coatings, without the use of synthetic chemicals.
introduces Yard Net Granular, a time-release lawn and yard insect repellent designed for protecting outdoor spaces.
Taken before bed, one or two time-release tablets wake up the user seven to eight hours later.
To meet what it sees as a growing demand for time-release supplements, Natrol Inc.
Delsym is made with a patented time-release formulation that allows the cough suppressant dextromethorphan to be available in the body over a 12-hour period.
50) and can often be seen at the Heathrow store filling up on the sweet treats while actress Halle Berry swears by The Body Shop's Vitamin C Plus Time-Release Capsules (pounds 15) for brightening her complexion
Time-release profiles for several aroma compounds, including aldehydes, esters and ketones, were obtained from oil-water emulsions, using three emulsifying agents: whey protein isolate, Tween 20 and gum arabic.
Time-release catastrophes, they exacerbated what was at play in the paintings and intentionally destabilized the coherence of the exhibition by putting material stress on what was represented.
FINLAND -- In 2000, a group of Finnish researchers reported that vitamin E and time-release vitamin C supplements slowed the development of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) in men.
Timed Release" - Manufacturers of time-release supplements claim they provide more consistent blood levels of nutrients.
The technology is an alternative way to make a time-release fertilizer.

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