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(tīmd′rĭ-lēs′) or time-re·lease (tīm′-)
Releasing ingredients gradually to produce a sustained effect: a timed-release allergy medication; timed-release fertilizers.
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NEW YORK -- Many consumers looking for the right vitamin supplement opt for timed-release capsules, which are formulated to dissolve slowly so they take longer to enter the bloodstream.
The capsule consists of a plant-derived cellulose barrier that offers a timed-release, allowing it to pass through the stomach acids unharmed.
With one exception, timed-release drug products available in the United States that contain the expectorant guaifenesin have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and should be taken off the market, according to an announcement by the agency.
The only timed-release products containing guaifenesin that have been formally approved by the FDA are those marketed over the counter as Mucinex or Humibid, by Adams Respiratory Therapeutics.
Timed-release products must be approved because the FDA needs to ensure that "the product releases its active ingredients safely and effectively, sustaining the intended effect over the entire time in which the product is intended to work," said the FDA statement.
3], niacin, can cause flushing if it isn't timed-release.
Are chelated, natural, timed-release and other special forms of supplements worth the extra cost?
4) Timed-release niacin hasn't been studied in a large trial.
Keenan cites studies showing that up to 40 percent of patients prescribed standard niacin quit taking it because of the side effects -- primarily upset stomach and a whole-body flushing of the skin -- as did 16 to 40 percent of patients treated with alternative, timed-release niacin formulations.
According to university research supported by Holland bulb suppliers, complete timed-release formulas-- ones containing nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium--are most effective.
The new line includes a protein and vitamin shake mix; a formula to help strengthen hair, skin and nails; a timed-release calcium formulation; a PMS support complex; and two menopause support complexes.