Serving to save time through an efficient method or a shorter route; expeditious.

time′sav′er n.


(ˈtaɪmˌseɪ vɪŋ)

(of methods, devices, etc.) reducing the time spent or required to do something.
time′sav`er, n.
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com)-- Allied Technical Solutions, a division of Allied Technical Sales, a company that provides a free timesaving plumbing specification to the design community, celebrates 10 years since it launched its online Spec Tool.
The addition of the NorthstarMLS library into SPAAR and MAR, adds another timesaving feature for ZipForm(r) users.
Exploring the reasons for metabolism and how best to manipulate your body through its unique do-it-yourself plan, Make Over Your Metabolism deftly guides readers through timesaving exercise techniques, nutritional advice, and proven tactics for increasing energy and metabolism for a more fit, trim, and toned body.
It's a timesaving device--free throwing and hydration at the same time.
It includes regulatory information; timesaving policies, procedures, forms, and protocols; significant weight change charts; weight-monitoring guides; and food-intake records.
This latest upgrade offers a variety of powerful and timesaving new features for educators, students, composers and publishers.
It incorporates timesaving features that simplify its use and maintenance.
MTA has created the nation's largest carpool lane network, a system that is expanding to give a growing number of drivers a timesaving option to driving alone.
A full-featured, multi-language IDE, its timesaving features include integrated online help and an interactive remote debugger.
The combination of IDES' technology and unique database of plastics information allows the company to create customized, timesaving applications for customers involved in the plastics industry.
0 includes timesaving features added to increase productivity when creating compounds and test parameters, selecting data and data points, and reporting.
For Lasso, says the author's final paragraph, "the imitation Magnificat was neither timesaving convenience nor agonistic subversion of the past," but instead expressed the respect and confidence with which Lasso "granted the past its voice and at the same time found his own.