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Work paid for at a rate per unit of time, as by the hour.

time′work′er n.


(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) work paid for by the length of time taken, esp by the hour or the day. Compare piecework
ˈtimeˌworker n



work done and paid for by the hour or day. Compare piecework.
time′work`er, n.
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Noun1.timework - work paid for at a rate per unit of time
work - activity directed toward making or doing something; "she checked several points needing further work"
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Death ends a life not a relationship: timework and ritualizations at Mindet.
Its destructive effects is reflected in the family, care of children, loss of useful timework schedule, cost of treatment and has many physical complications.
00 Service Attributes Work P test Timework p test GPA Recognition Performance -0.
Similarly, despite major share of work in many occupations as women's responsibility they are only low--wage efforts and branded as leisure timework.
Timework rate, the classical basic payment system, will not serve this purpose, because we can assume that work in a decentralized company will be more perfomance-oriented than it used to be.
com)-- TimeWorks LLC has created the initial design of its first “MarketWatch” stopwatch which automatically populates the names of major global stock markets during market hours.
Steffan Craig, marketing manager of Timeworks, said the economy has caused low expectations for the show, but he had similar feelings heading into High Point Market earlier this fall and was pleasantly surprised.
It is one of a group of war timeworks by this longtime stalwart of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists which was acquired by the museum in 2002.
45 TimeWorks 62 Touchstone 96 Traveling Software 39 T/Maker Company 67 Velocity Development Co.
95, and like all Timeworks programs, is obtainable through major software distributors and dealers everywhere.