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1. A shade of a color, especially a pale or delicate variation.
2. A gradation of a color made by adding white to it to lessen its saturation.
3. A barely detectable amount or degree; a trace.
4. A shaded effect in engraving produced by fine, close, parallel lines.
5. Printing A panel of light color on which matter in another color is to be printed, as in an illustration.
6. A dye for the hair.
tr. & intr.v. tint·ed, tint·ing, tints
To give a tint to or take on a tint.

[Alteration of tinct.]

tint′er n.
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Noun1.tinter - a hairdresser who tints hair
hairdresser, hairstylist, styler, stylist - someone who cuts or beautifies hair
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Tenders are invited for Protection to scoured bank on Bodak Tinter TRE on Baiatarni left near Dalait Mahara for 2013-14 working RD 2.
Solsperse M Series hyperdispersants are designed for formulation of universal colorants with the broadest range of compatibility allowing rationalization of tinter inventories.
Daher tinter andern auch das harte Urtheil fiber Pergolesi's beruhmtes Mahal mater, das damals noch weniger das meinige seyn konnte, als es jetzt bey reiferen Einsichten das meinige geworden ist.
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An accomplished freelance classical music writer and editor, Tany Tinter has written a 430 page compendium of a man who began composing music at the age of six, an orchestra conductor at nineteen, escaped what was to become the Nazi holocaust in 1938, struggled to make a living for himself in New Zealand, Australia, Sought Africa, England, and finally moving to Canada at the age of seventy.
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Drighlington gradually began to get a grip of the game but, despite some very intricate passing and moving, they were unable to trouble the Highlanders goal as Jack Tinter, Oliver Roberts, Jay Schofield and Lewis Peters set up an impressive defensive barrier.
Untersuchung zur Ermittlung des Anwendungsnutzens von Weleda Heuschnupfenspray tinter besonderer Berucksichtigung der dynamik.
Contact: Brent Tinter 310-663-0623 or E-mail: brentt@infocastevents.
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