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1. A shade of a color, especially a pale or delicate variation.
2. A gradation of a color made by adding white to it to lessen its saturation.
3. A barely detectable amount or degree; a trace.
4. A shaded effect in engraving produced by fine, close, parallel lines.
5. Printing A panel of light color on which matter in another color is to be printed, as in an illustration.
6. A dye for the hair.
tr. & intr.v. tint·ed, tint·ing, tints
To give a tint to or take on a tint.

[Alteration of tinct.]

tint′er n.
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Noun1.tinting - the act of adding a tinge of color; "the hairdresser gave her hair a modest tinting"
coloring, colouring - the act or process of changing the color of something
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The color came and went in her cheeks like that tinting of a sea-shell, and her face was flushed as though she had been weeping.
When I first saw her, her countenance was sunless, her complexion colourless; she looked like one who had no source of enjoyment, no store of bliss anywhere in the world; now the cloud had passed from her mien, leaving space for the dawn of hope and interest, and those feelings rose like a clear morning, animating what had been depressed, tinting what had been pale.
The soft light of a shaded lamp fell upon her as she leaned back in the basket chair, playing over her sweet, grave face, and tinting with a dull, metallic sparkle the rich coils of her luxuriant hair.
There was a sullen darkness in the sky, and the sun had gone angrily down, tinting the dull clouds with the last traces of his wrath, when the same black monk walked slowly on, with folded arms, within a stone's-throw of the abbey.
2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Tint World Automotive Styling Centers(TM), a leading auto accessory and window tinting franchise, has partnered with Rhino-Rack USA to provide their extensive range of high-quality roof rack systems and accessories to Tint World customers.
Based in Deerfield Beach, this window tinting company specializes in residential and commercial window films for structures across south Florida.
Tinting windows of rented cars has been banned in Umm Al Quwain, according to a top traffic police officer.
A dip-dyed plastic tint is the most frequently used and cost-effective method of tinting.
However, car window tinting businesses in Muscat offer dangerous levels of tinting, at times making these opaque to the extent of 60 per cent, which is against the law.
A new technical brochure (TI 1459) that details the use of regular-and low-color Carbon Black Pigments dedicated to tinting applications in paints and coatings is now available from Orion Engineered Carbons.
Drivers are banned from tinting windscreens, but many drivers flout the law," said traffic culture director Lieutenant Colonel Moosa Al Dossary.
Mr Mellor, who is President of Mirfield Bowling Association and an honorary life member of Yorkshire Crown Green Bowling Association, spent PS200 having the tinting done at PM Auto Repairs in Longwood more than two years ago.