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Noun1.tip sheet - a publication containing the latest information or tips or predictions for a particular business or stock market information or horse racing results, etc.
publication - a copy of a printed work offered for distribution
dope sheet, scratch sheet - a racing publication giving information on horses and the outcomes of horse races
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24, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following tip sheet was released today by the U.
The existing tip sheet series incorporates health literacy/clear language design concepts.
Former Congressional Correspondent Carl Hulse has been named managing editor of the tip sheet, said Abramson in a widely reproduced memo.
Making Your Website Senior Friendly" is a new, 10-page tip sheet from the National Institute on Aging and the National Library of Medicine that offers research-based guidelines on creating Web sites that work well for older adults.
Hart Union High School District, preparedness has not gone much further than circulating a tip sheet using information from the federal government.
As the story goes, a British music industry tip sheet - strangely called Tip Sheet - included ``Tupthumping'' on the compilation CD it sends to subscribers.
The restaurant won't be identified herein because it has certified that it subcontracts the hiring of its bathroom attendants and that the tip sheet is not included anywhere in its official employment manuals.
Posting a copy of TIA's kid-friendly Summer Safety Tip Sheet on the fridge can also help enforce a few simple but effective rules during this special time of the year.
Parents can download a free Summer Toy Safety Tip Sheet (- click on "Summer Toy Safety") and obtain other important information on how to protect their children from summer injuries, including:
Additions to "First" include: "Tip Off" a humorous tip sheet on top news headlines, written by Jason Tanz; "You Do What?
Last week, the ITC sanctioned CITAC's lawyer for disseminating the tip sheet.
The ITC's findings resulted from a rare investigation launched to uncover the extent to which the tip sheet deliberately encouraged opponents of steel tariffs to exaggerate claims of alleged harm done to the economy.