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Causing fatigue or boredom, as from being unvarying or overly long; wearisome. See Synonyms at boring.

tire′some·ly adv.
tire′some·ness n.
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Adv.1.tiresomely - in a tedious manner; "boringly slow work"; "he plodded tediously forward"
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(ˈtaiə) verb
to make, or become, physically or mentally in want of rest, because of lack of strength, patience, interest etc; to weary. Walking tired her; She tires easily.
tired adjective
1. wearied; exhausted. She was too tired to continue; a tired child.
2. (with of) no longer interested in; bored with. I'm tired of (answering) stupid questions!
ˈtiredness noun
ˈtireless adjective
never becoming weary or exhausted; never resting. a tireless worker; tireless energy/enthusiasm.
ˈtirelessly adverb
ˈtirelessness noun
ˈtiresome adjective
troublesome; annoying.
ˈtiresomely adverb
ˈtiresomeness noun
ˈtiring adjective
causing (physical) tiredness. I've had a tiring day; The journey was very tiring.
tire out
to tire or exhaust completely. The hard work tired her out.
References in classic literature ?
He listened with weary ears to the ever-recurring sounds, distinguishing the whistle of flying projectiles from the booming of the reports, glanced at the tiresomely familiar faces of the men of the first battalion, and waited.
In one of those flights of fancy, not characteristic of her but tiresomely frequent this afternoon, she envisaged herself battered with rotten eggs upon a platform, from which Ralph vainly begged her to descend.
I could no longer talk or laugh freely when he was by, because a tiresomely importunate instinct reminded me that vivacity (at least in me) was distasteful to him.
So how can it be that the actions of the German monk, who intended only to start a disputation about the VaticanEs excesses, the most tiresomely cited one being the selling of "indulgences" to oil your way through Purgatory, are being so ignored?
That's not as tiresomely cliched as it sounds, thanks to some endearingly complex characters (Bernadette's story alone is enough to carry a whole show), fabulously flamboyant costumes and a score that would make the night on its own.
Directed by Conrad Nelson - who also plays King Leontes and composed the highly-varied music - this is a modern dress production (well, turn of the 21st century modern at any rate; it begins as the clock strikes midnight at the start of the new Millennium) but it is not tiresomely high concept.
It is, of course, the season when the political parties traditionally, and often rather tiresomely, criticise and snipe at each other at every turn.
Accusing Miranda of being anti-women was a particular irony when so much of British comedy is saturated with sexism and misogyny and tiresomely macho panel shows.
The likes of Jesus Navas, Edin Dzeko and Stevan Jovetic have become tiresomely predictable and only the goal threat posed by the sublime Sergio Aguero seems to stand them apart.
So depressing to see an engaging actor like Rajeev Khandelwal as clueless as the makers on what are they trying to give the audience - a James Bond, secret agent in a Sherlock Holmes attire in this lifeless, uninspired, tiresomely boring, detective motion picture.
Probably the worst movie to prominently feature an RV since "RV," this tiresomely vulgar outing throws together a drug dealer, a stripper, two teens, a testicle-biting tarantula, a gaggle of gun-waving Mexican stereotypes and scarcely a single laugh amid all the ensuing pot-smuggling, booty-shaking, heart-tugging shenanigans.
Unlike some rival car companies, whose ultra-economical models are available only as extra-cost versions with compromising features such as skinny tyres and tiresomely long-legged gear ratios, the latest Mazdas are all equipped as standard.